FLWSTATE is a way of life. It’s not what you do but how you do it.

From sports to art to work, we believe all people have the ability to connect to their flowstate. The flowstate is a state of total awareness. Where all your senses are heightened. Where your mind becomes still. Where you’re focused purely on the present moment. 

Being in this state amplifies your experience. It increases your abilities, fading the background noise of distraction.

Our message is simple, we want to inspire people to live the life they love by connecting with their flowstate, whatever that may be.

our people



Sunfeathr aka Aidan Sheahan is a music producer from Boulder Colorado. His sound is created with the intention of providing an experience of the natural world. Aidan began producing in college at CU Boulder, and created Sunfeathr in Spring 2015 along with Flwstate, a clothing company and online Record Label. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunfeathr

LOREN creer - photographer/videographer

Loren Creer AKA Ljaycinema, is a Videographer and Photographer from Colorado. Growing up in the Aspen valley, he gained a passion for the outdoors and capturing its beauty. Working with Vital Films for multiple years, Loren gained knowledge and creativity that shows in his work. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ljaycinema

willie beihoffer -skier

Willie grew up in Boulder Colorado and started skiing from a young age. Willie moved to Steamboat Springs for College and has pursued Backcountry skiing ever since. Documenting his skiing through photo and video, willie has a passion for the outdoor adventure lifestyle that grows each day. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/powderhoundz

kyle olsen - skateboarder

Kyle Olsen is a skateboarder currently residing in Colorado. He has a passion for skating that inspires all those around him, and an unbelievable athletic prowess. Kyle films and creates video parts of his best skating he can capture.

wendell charles - designer

Wendell Charles is a Designer from New Jersey. Wendell went to college at CU boulder where he became friends with Aidan. Wendell has an enjoyment for life and intellect for creativity that shows in his work for designing Flwstate gear. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fendi_wendi

iii mattie b iii - music producer

Matthew Thomas AKA iii Mattie B iii is a Music Producer from Basalt, CO. Ethereal and Epic, his sound is the work of passion and love. Matthew has opened for Sunfeathr at multiple shows and continues to pursue his passion for music everyday.

gabrielle richmond - pr/marketing pro

Principal and founder of Impact pr.

gabrielle is originally from sydney, australia and moved to colorado 5 years ago. she has worked in PR agencies both in australia and the us, mainly with a focus in lifestyle, beauty and fashion public relations.

Cameron Eastburn - Creative Director

Cameron and aidan are lifelong friends, cameron grew up in boulder and attended ole miss. Cameron specializes in designing and digital marketing.